Monday, July 14, 2008

Kate Claxton - Super Star of the late 1800's

Claxton, GA - Before radio, the movies, and television, there was actress Kate Claxton. Her real name was Kate Cone and she was born in 1848. Kate’s career began in Chicago in 1871. In 1873, she starred in a play by the name of “Led Astray” and immediately became a sensation. Her most notable role was Louise in “The Two Orphans”. Kate was a savvy business woman and purchased the rights to this play. She also started her own company and starred as the headline during the rest of her career. In 1876, while performing at the Brooklyn Theatre, a fire broke out and over 200 people perished. A few months later another fire broke out in her St. Louis hotel room. The press published articles about Kate being bad luck. Most careers would be devastated. However, Kate turned the negatives into positives. She became even more famous as people would come see her for the curiosity and intrigue. Kate continued to be successful and became wealthy. She lived happily till her death in 1924. This community was named in her honor.
Photo Courtesy of Library of Congress

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