Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Road to Success!

Like thousands of other towns in the United States, this community reminds us of the spirit and perseverance of our ancestors.  Their main goal was to be successful in their lives and provide a great environment for future generations.  Many towns adopted names from adjectives or nouns describing their new hometown.  Mystic, Luck, Competition, Defiance, and Surprise are examples of this method for naming their new communities.  Speaking of the road to success, sometimes it was bumpy and full of dangerous curves for the early pioneers.  Sometimes when they finally arrived, there expectations were different than what they actually experienced.  Many communities did not survive.  However, we know of no communities by the name of failure!  You can always find “Success” in the states of Arkansas and New Hampshire.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Intercourse is just not the same today!

Intercourse, PA - The town was originally founded in 1754. It was known as Cross Keys after a tavern in the area. There are several unsubstantiated versions of the origin of the name “Intercourse”. Some say the name described the long entrance to an old race track east of town. This stretch of road was first known as the “Entercourse”. By 1814, the name evolved into Intercourse. Another explanation suggests that the name comes from two well known traveled roads that crossed in the middle of the town. Today, the town is a well-known Amish settlement. Again, it is amazing how meanings of some names have changed and how we view them today.

Photo - Courtesy of Library of Congress