Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strange and Fascinating Information Revealed About Your Hometown!

I'm the guy who has to stop along the highway to check out all those historical markers. In doing so for the last twenty years, I have started a habit of finding out how towns acquired their names. Living in the Midwest, I could never resist finding out how a town like Peculiar, MO or Liberal, KS ever got a name like that! This has been a work in progress and I invite anyone out there to contribute to the cause. I will be sharing stories of these names of America's towns and cities throughout this blog and welcome your stories.
By the way, I have always lived in Independence (Missouri that is) most of my life. Independence has always been about 27 miles north of Peculiar, 247 miles right of Liberal, and only 77 miles south of Tightwad! Just wanted to get your compass adjusted!


Joe at Monkey's Eyebrow said...

Hi Mark,
One of the places you stopped by was Monkey's Eyebrow, Ky., which is where my little retirement farm is located. You probably didn't see it on a sign. Everytime the state puts up a sign, someone steals it. The good thing about that means that the city limits are flexible. Depending on where you decide they should be located, why I imagine you might get as many as 20 or 25 people between them. I guess that makes it obvious that Monkey's Eyebrow is small. There's not a lot to do there. At my age, the most exciting thing is to sit in the yard around sundown, watch the rare car go by, and drink a glass of Metamucil. There are several stories about how Monkey's Eyebrow got its name. I don't think any of them are true. Check out my website:

Funnynames said...

Hey, Joe! Good to here from you. Hey, I was there last year (check out the picture on the right of the blog. Next time I'm in the area you have to tell me what farm.
Thanks, for checking in.

La said...

Where were you hatched?? La